As a beat reporter for community newspapers in Hawaii and Oregon, I’ve written about incredible people, innovative projects & experiences you’ve just got to try for yourself. Now, I’m freelancing and can help with any kind of word-related needs including blogs, product reviews, event descriptions, press packets.

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Pepper Sauce & Peace

Kauai resident, entrepreneur and orchid expert Shirin Hunt gets candid about her global peace movement, her spicy pepper sauce and her journey from Iran to Kauai.

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Island of Water Buffalo

Don Heacock is a former aquatic biologist, an advocate for sustainable agriculture, cultivator of yerba mate, and owner of a small herd of water buffalo on Kaua‘i.

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Watershed Restoration

Hydrologist Matt Rosner and his team are bringing Waipa Stream back to life, part of an overall goal to restore the Waipa watershed and bring back the traditional Hawaiian system of ahupua’a management and agriculture.

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Bird Dogs

A team of researchers and biologists is working with canine detection of avian botulism to help save native and endangered wetland birds in the Kauai National Wildlife Complex.

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Crumbling Coastlines

Caution tape and orange cones now line parts of the coastal multi-use path on Kauai, indicating areas where the ocean has eroded the coastline and made the popular path unsafe. And, like many states facing coastal erosion problems, the path isn’t the only thing being threatened.

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A New Kind of Litter

As people protect themselves against the COVID-19 coronavirus, many are failing to properly dispose of PPE. Masks, gloves and other signs of the pandemic are accumulating on coastlines and in parks, threatening wildlife and creating a new kind of litter.

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Hike Hanakapiai

Jungle adventure, pristine swimming holes and a breathtaking waterfall can all be found along the Kauai north shore trail to Hanakapiai Falls.

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Breezy Kapaa Town

Shave ice, seaside bicycles and trendy shopping all await on Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast, in this little seaside town dotted with taco joints, surf shops and toes-in-the-sand dining.

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